Meet “Needles Nellie”

She’s a one-of-one government-issued 1981 Jeep CJ 7 from the Needles District at Canyonlands National Park. “Needles Nellie” is in excellent condition. She still has many original government documents from a previous life in Moab, UT. From the Canyonlands maps with “Needles Nellie” inscribed, to the sealed government-use-only envelopes, Nellie tells her own story.

Nellie runs on a 4.2L in-line 6 automatic with a 1990s after-market fuel injector kit from a Chevy 4.3L V6. The entire fuel system has been redone in 2023, along with the engine wiring and new brass radiator, among a host of other repairs. At 94k miles, Needles Nellie shows minimal rust and it drives the best it has in decades. This is not a project Jeep anymore. 

Needles Nellie is a perfect companion for a mountain home or desert retreat, and is bound to turn heads on the way to town. There is no issue hitting 50mph+ in this Jeep now. It’s ready for a road trip to go off-roading in the desert.

Key Specs

Only one known to exist

VIN: 1JCCE87E2BT061753

Engine: 4.2 L (258 ci) I6

Transmission: Automatic

Exterior Color: Desert Tan

Interior: Brown

Odometer: 94,170

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A Unique Piece of History

Needles Nellie is the ONLY one of its kind! Used as a Canyonlands National Park vehicle in Moab, she is unlike any other. Canyonlands NP is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and you feel its magic every time you step inside Nellie’s pristine interior.

Perfect Patina

Nellie must have spent much of her non-working days inside. She shows minimal rust, and her interior is coated with a layer of red Moab sand. The minor blemishes on the exterior tell her story perfectly.

Preserved Leather Interior

The front seats were covered for most of, it not all of Nellie’s service in Moab. The original leather underneath the seat covers still shines with a bright brown leather tone, untarnished by the harsh desert sun. Both seats are still covered 100% of the time.

Repaired Engine Compartment

Nothing was left untouched in recent repairs to Nellie’s engine compartment. Among the list of repairs includes: o2 sensor, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump Relay, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Tach Filter.

GM Fuel Injector Kit from 1990’s

Nellie has an in-line 6 with a 1990’s Chevrolet pickup or Astro Van fuel injector kit (from a 4.3L V6). The entire fuel system was repaired in 2023. Additional documentation of repairs available upon request.

1981 WARN Winch

Easy winch control from the interior. Nellie does not have a cable or hook on the winch, however it functions well from the internal controls. WARN Winch is the original from 1981.

US Government Issued Documents

Untampered, most of these documents have “Needles Nellie” written directly on them. The blue envelope titled “For Gov’t Use Only” is still unopened, while the Canyonlands NP map with Nellie’s name on it has a pleasant crinkle to it, semi-glued by the Moab sand and moisture over decades.

Hard Top

Roof has never been removed from Needles Nellie, and she spent most of her life out of the elements. The rear pop-up window works flawlessly by hand, and provides the slight heat escape you need in the desert.

Working Interior Components

Original speedometer works great, while the newer fuel, oil, temperature and voltage gauges are in great working condition. Heat, lights, and wipers all work flawlessly.
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